The Artists

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HECTIC STUDIO is our ceramics studio. We are located in downtown Cleveland OH.


Open House at Hectic Studio

Baby-steps, but we are slowly gearing up to bring the public into our studio for sales, workshops and presentations in 2011.

Kiln Building, Part III (to be continued...)

Somehow I got the honor of placing some of the final keystone bricks.  Presently we are at a bit of a stand-still until we resolve the damper design, ... and rent a brick saw.

Kiln Building, Part II

"Master" kiln builder, and good friend, Chris Longwell, is brought in for expert consulting.

Kiln Building, Part I

Todd's dream of his very own high fire reduction kiln starts to take shape...

Recent Work By Stephanie

Recent Work by Todd


The Full Picture

Here are a few photos to show the whole working space.

Ready to Fire

We finally have power in the kiln room. Two electrics and a tiny test kiln. Todd is already planning designs for a gas kiln...

The Glaze Kitchen

Check out that spray booth we built!


Moving In and Getting to Work!

Wecome to the Studio - The First Days

The studio is in the old Hildebrandt Building, a former meat processing factory. Its an all-brick building with 18 ft ceiling, giant windows, and sealed-off meat lockers - lots of character and history. The loading dock and freight elevator up to our second floor are key.